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Amber Martinez-English Program

„As an international student at the University of Pécs (UP) Medical School, I have had the opportunity to learn from dedicated, friendly professors, do research in a department of my choosing and gain hands on medical experience at the nearby 400-bed clinic. All while creating life-long friendships with fellow students from around the world. The unique experiences at UP continue to play a vital role in my successful completion of an academically challenging curriculum and my personal development of necessary skills to be a future medical professional."

Country: Cayman Islands

Study Program: General Medicine


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Iria Refojos Barreiro

"When I arrived to Pécs I was determined to study Medicine. I was aware that it was a difficult degree so I focused entirely on my studies, I was not expecting anything else. However to my surprise Pécs turned out to be so much more. I was surprised to meet such a heterogeneous community with dozens of nationalities. I made friends who taught me how to cook Adobo from the Philipines, how to keep Korean etiquette when giving presents, why not looking in the eye is a sign of respect for certain cultures, etc. I learnt so much, made friends, discovered Pécs, studied a beautiful degree... but most of all I learnt that a peaceful multicultural society is possible: you experience it in Pécs every day."

Country: Spain

Study Program: General Medicine


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Ansaier Kaisa

"Pécs is one of the best places to be student, this is because it is a vibrant and lovely city with plenty of historic architectures which make it stand out. As a food lover, I really like the many independent restaurants and cafés in the city center. There is always something going on for all kind of interests: live music, art exhibits, musicals, ballets, festivals, sport events and more—with so much to do, you are definitely not having a boring moment after studying!"

Country: China

Study Program: General Medicine


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