Party events in Pécs

There are a lot of interesting party opportunities in Pécs. Here are some links where you can find several ideas. 


Here is a summary from Romy Jück about: How to survive in Pécs... and at Hungarian festivities! 



Here is the link. In this Calendar you can find several concert ideas in the city. This website shows the concerts in Pécs with the date of the events. Plan ahead, Pécs is also famous from its music not only the education. When you feel exhausted from studying, it is a good idea to listening music. 




Here is the link. Below there are lots of opportunities if you need some music, dance and fun. That is the page where you can choose between the best party places if you feel like it is a party time!- We hope you feel that a lot. 


Have fun

Here is the link where you can choose between the funny programmes such as live concerts, dancing ideas, cultural and social possibilities. If you have not realised it yet, here is a site for you to see how colorful Pécs is. This site shows mixed events in a big scale of variations and to make sure that you find the best for yourself. 

Click here to download our Music Trip Advisor! :)         

Unfortunately, most of the links are in hungarian but it is pretty easy to understand them. Enjoy your life in Pécs and move out sometimes!

After a good party you should start explore the city! Here is a 3 days Trip Advisor from us! Enjoy it and have fun! :)


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