List of all Museums in Pécs

Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art

Here the visitors can find over 12,000 masterpieces from the 20th Century's Hungarian modern arte movements. Representing an outsanding collection from the modern, post-modern, avantgarde and neo-avantgarde era with Rippl- Rónai, Tihanyi or Gulácsy. This museum is justly among the top modern galleries not only in Pécs, but also countrywide. The visitors are welcomed to wonder freely.

Csontváry Museum

This Museum is dedicated to one of the most significant Hungarian avantgarde artists, Tivadar Csontváry- Kosztka. In the neo-Renaissance buindig holds the greatest selection from Csontváry's works. The Museum, which opened in 1973 represents the artist's collection of works from different creative period throught the century painting including the iconic outwardly metaphoric self- portrait, The Solarity Cedar. 

Vasarely Museum

Victor Vasarely's works are recognised internationally but his origins are not so well- known. The Vasarely Museum was founded in 1976 when the artist left 42 silk- screened works to his hometown. The collection has continued to expand, including acquired works by Mirelette, Hans Arp, Uecker and creations made by his wife, Klára Spinner. One of his most iconic creations, The Zebra is also displayed here. 






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