Lena Popp

“I like the international climate at the University of Pécs, here people from all over the world come together and it's a great place to get to know new cultures and make new friends. The professors at the Medical School are outstanding and we get a lot of practical experience and contact with patients. This place has taught me so much about myself and I consider it a great honor to be a student here.”




Form of finance

Study program
General Medicine

Period of studies
09/01/2014 to 06/30/2021


My name is Lena and I’m a fourth year medical student. I was born in the US and lived there during my childhood, but then spent my highschool years in the UK at boarding school and in Germany. Before Medical School I did a training to become a paramedic, which helped me a lot with making the decision of what I wanted to do with my life. I like life here in Pécs, and although it was hard at first, I now am a big fan of the teaching and student life here. After university I would like to choose a path that allows me to have a positive impact on the world around me.

Career opportunities

Apart from the huge variety of medical specialisations to choose from such as cardiology, pediatrics, dermatology, oncology (and so on), you also have the option of working in many other fields such as research, public health, journalism, teaching and many more.

Recommendations for future students

  1.  Be yourself and do what you love
  2.  Trust your own abilities and have self confidence
  3.  Work hard and know what you want from life
  4.  It’s okay to fail sometimes, as long as you get back up