8. Arranging the entrance exam

You will need to take an entrance exam. You can take it:

a) in PÉCS - The exam is arranged on Wednesdays from March until the middle of July. You need to register two weeks in advance by email ( or in person at the Admissions and English Student Service Center, and by paying the 250 USD entrance exam fee.

b, in BUDAPEST - at McDaniel College. Updated info on dates will be available soon.

c) ABROAD – updated info on dates and locations will be available soon. 

For the further info and fees please contact your representative.

Please note that online tests and Skype interviews are not acceptable for the General Medicine and Dentistry Programs.

d) Combined BMAT written exam and Pécs/abroad oral exam. For the BMAT exam please visit the BMAT website for more information. Please check the flyer too. For the oral exam to be taken in Pécs, the fee is 40 USD.